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D&D Lagarto White, Verdejo 100%, Spain

glass 4€

bottle 18€

Dry, fresh and fragrant with fine aromas of green apple, mango and passion fruit.

D&D Lagarto Rosé, Tempranillo, Spain

glass 4€

bottle 18€

Very fresh and clean aromas, red fruits such as strawberry, mixed with light notes of pear and peach.

D&D Lagarto Red, Tempranillo, Mencia, Spain

glass 4€

bottle 18€

Lightly toasted and floral, red fruit and blackberry backgrounds. Very soft and silky with a velvety finish.

Fraktique Mediterranean all season wine

Rosé Gris Grenache Gris 100%

glass 4,50€

bottle 20€

Elegant marriage of exotic fruits and red berries. Dry to the taste with lasting juiceness.

White Sauvignon Blanc 50% Grenache Blanc 50%

glass 4,50€

bottle 20€

Fruity as well as earthly flavours of minerality. Fresh, balance and harmony.

White Chardonnay 100%

glass 4,50€

bottle 20€

Rich and intense that evokes pear, mango and lemon flavours, round and fruity finish.

Red Syrah 50% Grenache noir 50%

glass 4,50€

bottle 20€

Red fruits aromas, on the palate fruity with an elegant attack of peppery and frank flavours.

Rosé Wine

Viñatigo Rosado de Listan Negro, Tenerife


Dry and perfumed with notes of red fruits, green herbs and the same smoky, volcanic minerality that underpins Tenerife's best wines.

White Wine

Tajinaste Blanco Seco Listan Blanco, Tenerife


Dry, full, salty-fresh with a crispy touch with aromas of pear, apple and lemon.

Tajinaste Blanco Afrutado, Moscato and Listan Prieto, Tenerife


Tropical fruit aromas, mango, lemon and peach. It is semi-dry with elegant fruity finish.

Tinita, Verdejo, Spain


Aromas of balsamic and white fruits. Elegant, fresh and creamy.

Chablis Domaine Hamelin, Chardonnay 100%, France


Frutal aromas, mineral, fresh and round with a persistent long finish.

Red Wine


Tajinaste Roble, Listan Negro, Tenerife

Intense aromas of red fruit. Leather, oak, spices with vanilla notes.

Canta Perdices, Tempranillo, Spain


Aroma’s of cherry and plum, medium body with oak notes.

Bura QOMO (1).png

Sparkling Wine

Lux Brut, Gewürztraminer, Macabeo, Parellada y Xarel-Lo, Spain

glass 6€

bottle 23€

Luxury sparkling with a defined mousse which has a well-balanced flavor. Very tasteful, mild and subtle sweetness.


Le Couchon Brut, Glera 100%, Italy

glass 8€

37.5cl 20€

75cl 27€

Rich and fragrant bouquet, dry to the taste with a pleasantly-bitter undertone

Le Couchon Rosé, Pinot Nero, Glera, Rabioso, Italy

glass 8€

37.5cl 22€

75cl 29€

Delicate fruity fragrance, with a bouquet of strawberry, raspberry and rose. Savoury fresh flavor with a delicate aromatic touch.



Piper Heidsieck

Herbert Beaufort Grand Cru


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